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George Zimmerman jail house calls

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If there was a part where he (or she) expressed any regret, sorrow or remorse over the incident or for Trayvon and his family, I missed it.

Report from ecommercebytes shows ebay is beginning to allow the sale of gun parts. Also noteworthy; the ‘quietly’ part. They changed the policy without a peep on December 11, 2011.

eBay made no formal announcement about the policy reversal, and has only been gradually letting affected sellers know, with notifications going out at least as late as April.

They plan to go full bore gradually. This change comes several years after ebaY came under fire for the ammo magazines used by the Virginia Tech massacre killer.

It would seem to be little more than an attempt on ebaY’s part to increase wallet share as ebay declines.

Gun parts sellers would be very wise to visit the Technical Issues and Seller Central forums at ebaY for some Kentucky windage before they fire any celebratory shots in the air. Unless they are to celebrate broken search engines, rolling blackouts and limited visibility, lack of sales, micro-management, terrible customer service, paypal money holds, and/or being used as test dummies in some borked Cassini beta testing.

Gun ownership is a Constitutional right and a tradition in the USA. It’s something that’s not going away.

However, I have concerns. There have been an awful lot of comments and sentiments around the web lately that ebaY has… well bluntly, ebay has lost it’s mind. It’s really even difficult to discuss ebaY and it’s corporate behavior anymore without references to fiction, science fiction, whimsey and parody, and yes, Nightmare Horror!

We do know for a fact the ebaY world consists largely of fraud and greed. We wouldn’t want those 2 worlds, ebaY and guns/gun parts, to collide, recombine, and mutate, bearing in mind this is the same universe where you can shoot and kill someone and then use Paypal to get rich from it.

Once again I’ve stumbled upon a site where fake Paypal accounts are being sold. This time on the not so secret or hidden “hidden services” of the Tor Network.

Tor is a privacy and/or anonymity oriented software/browsing project, which has many legitimate uses. But like all things it can be used for other purposes too.

Fake Paypal accounts have been found and exposed so many times now it boggles the mind. Not only have I found them as far back as 2008, but so has Doc of ebaymotorssucks.com, auctionbytes, and krebsonsecurity to name a few. You can see even more here.

This is truly a perennial problem, and an entire sleazy industry. A problem which Paypal seems to deal with best by penalizing and abusing innocent, legitimate users.

The website is located at:


which I believe you can only access via Tor.

The PayPal Store Home Page

When you click on “about” you are presented with this text:

Hello and welcome to the PayPal Store. Here you may purchase clean/hacked USA PayPal accounts, to use for online/offline black hat activities, etc.

Each purchase comes with a US PayPal account along with the associated e-mail account, fake identity of the PayPal’s “owner”, and optionally a VPN (for extra money). See Prices page for products.

Owning a fake PayPal is a must for black hats, e-whorers, scammers, money laundering, etc. These accounts are newly-created and have never been used, (no balance, etc., not including hacked accounts) and, if used correctly, should never become limited.

The Paypal Store About

The site also has an FAQ page:

The Paypal Store FAQ

The the pricing page, where the payment options are shown as Bitcoin and Liberty Reserve:

The Paypal Store Prices

There’s also contact page with a huge smile image and an email address. I’m not going to show that here.

One thing I’d like to point out here is that I’m not advertising for this website or service. I advise people to NOT get involved with such things. There’s no way of knowing who is on the other end or what you are actually supporting.

If you follow the news, then you know recently there was some sort of international drug bust of cyber-dope dealers. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility this site could be a sting operation of some sort

I’m not looking to start any conflict with users or owners of the site/service either. The purpose here is to alert legitimate PayPal users as to the risks involved as well as the utter dishonesty and hypocrisy when it comes to PayPal, their policies, practices etc.

Do I need to go on and describe PayPal pompous stance on security, or their lackadaisical policy enforcement/application? I could just mention a few things like Wikileaks, the Regretsy kids, constant violations of State Money Transmitter License terms, the current Zimmerman fundraising fiasco, recent articles from The Haggler

Add to that the recent spurt of Paypal employee personal issues: They’ve had 2, count them two people commit suicide, and one get arrested for raping a 13 year old girl. All these things combined certainly don’t instill a sense of well-being to users, and seem to hint at deep dark troubles imo.

You get the idea. I could go on and on about the world’s “most loved”.

I’d like to point out again that the biggest risks involved are in the Paypal User Agreement, (a special arrangement of weasel words longer than Shakespeare’s Hamlet) in that they do NOT guarantee the identity of your trading partner, nor that any transaction will actually be fulfilled, they can (and will) lock your account, seize your funds without having to disclose any reason why. Top that all off with the key phrase “THE PAYPAL SERVICES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION OF WARRANTY”

I still advise to steer clear of PayPal (and ebaY too for that matter)

If you have an account, close it down before you fall victim of this unsafe, untrustworthy, scandalous  outfit.

The_Real_George_Zimmerman_My_Race click to enlarge in a new tab or windowStarting to see a few reports around that the alleged killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has set up a website – http://therealgeorgezimmerman.com – specifically to solicit donations for legal and living expenses, using Paypal.

I clicked through the donation button and sure enough, it led to a checkout page for George Zimmerman.

I also ran a whois, where I found that it’s registered to Go-daddy, using domains by proxy privacy.

I’m not sure why Mr Zimmerman would need or want to use that feature. I’m not sure we can conclude the site is actually owned by George Zimmerman, I seriously doubt that Paypal has confirmed/verified the account with them as genuine  either, as they state in their User Agreement that “We do not guarantee the identity of any User...”

Although reportedly, NBC News’ Mara Schiavocampo said she confirmed through Zimmerman’s lawyers that the site is indeed his. CNN and other media outlets followed.

You may notice the unusual capitalization at the whois report: ThereAlGeorgeZimmerman.com

Over at his site he has an American flag background, a lot of patriotic sounding quotes, and some White Power related verbiage. (screencaptured image below)

At any rate, Mr Zimmerman is entitled to a defense, regardless of how flimsy it may seem, or how volatile the issues.

As to why George Zimmerman would choose Paypal, and why Paypal allows this? The term “birds of the feather…” seems appropriate.

As for Paypal. I’m not so sure their rep can take much more abuse , I mean exposure of their sleazy nature.

But don’t think for a minute they. paypal,  only support racist websites and bloggers, steal from kids, break violins, and tell world class lies to swoop in and steal money from wikileaks.

Nope, they’re also the preferred payment method to help free convicted wife and baby killer Scott Peterson.

Nice folks, eh?

Please close your Paypal accounts and let them you disapprove of their policies and practices.

Related screencaptured images, as composite:


the real George Zimmerman website, paypal checkout page, and whois info composite image 480 pixels wide

Update: 04-24-2012

I see that http://therealgeorgezimmerman.com is now showing the godaddy parking page. I was able to still get to the live, not cached Paypal donations page by clicking to it through a cached page. I’m not sure what that means. I didn’t try to donate anything to see if that was still actually active.

This appears to be a very recent development, and as such I am so far unable to find any info out there.

Edit: Just found this:

“I’ve started the process to properly authorize his legal fund,” O’Mara said. “I do not want him to have any Internet presence and that site has been taken down.

At any rate, Good Luck George. I think you’ll need it.

And as for Paypal… I don’t believe anyone is going to forget your deeds either.

read more here

Not to surprising info posted over at krebsonsecurity.com.

Active, hacked or phished Paypal accounts found for sale on yet more venues. For those not paying attention, there are entire sleazy industries surrounding all things ebaY & Paypal. This particular type has been exposed time and again.

Please don’t overlook the very real possibility they could all be insider fraud, as Paypal’s own documents show.

I say this because ebaY and PayPal  have been very quick and thorough to silence criticism and exposure of embarrassing facts, yet these highly fraudulent sites remain. EbaY allows as many accounts as a person wishes, and Paypal does little to nothing to verify people at the gate. Rather, they wait until funds are in one’s accounts, then seized, after the fact, under any number of false or invalid reasons, until you are “proven worthy“.

It’s pretty obvious that the members are being used to subsidize fraud and failure, and to cover PayPal’s losses, which are bourne of their very own lackwit policies and practices IMO.

The very best thing you can do is avoid PayPal and ebaY. Close both your ebay and Paypal accounts and do whatever you need to to be sure they cannot access both your bank accounts and credit cards.