Here’s the latest ebaY sales promo to hit folks’ (read: Buyers) email inboxes. Found posted on the ebaY forums.

No Receipt, No problem! Sell it on sleazebay!

ebay's latest promo defies common sense and ebay's own policies

As you can see, this is a recipe for disaster. The very first thing ebaY will want… (more…)

eBay Feedback Profile for toysrus_13112013_c

Just happened to take another look at the negative feedback received by ebaY’s cherished seller, toysrus

They have an excruciatingly low 97.7% feedback rating, along with (at the moment) 104 negative reviews, and 55 neutrals, in the past 30 days. Those are what’s known as “Bad Buying Experiences” or BBE on ebaY. They have somewhere in the range of 3000 total BBEs in the past year.


Another small step for sleazebay, a giant sharp stick in the eyes for ebaY membersUpdated: see below

Following closely on the heels of removing a key feedback/visibility feature, ebaY has now killed off the ability to search by bidder, for both active and completed listings.

Here’s the current advanced search page at ebay, (sans bidder search link) and the preserved page from 09-11-2013 at the Internet Archives Wayback Machine.

This feature has had many uses, (and derivative effects) for buyers and sellers alike. One example would be that you could search another users bids and drastically reduce your own search time and effort by using their searches.

It also could (make that used to) help to foster competition between bidders who both (or all) collected the same types of items.

Another, for sellers, is that you could see if a buyer was (more…)

John Pluhowski_Paypal_BML_sock_puppets_200

When the Haggler asked the eBay spokesman John Pluhowski for the name of the PayPal spokesman and the Bill Me Later spokesman, he offered one name: John Pluhowski.



The ebaY Grim Reaper is not a supernatural entity, but an inhuman, bot driven, non-thinking small seller killing apparatus. Perfect compliment to the failed, mind reading Cassini search engine.It seems that ebaY has had another small seller purge. The community forums are brimming with reports of sellers who were banned from selling for reasons unknown. It could be for things as trivial as one low DSR score in the last year.

Along with the reports, furious posting by ebaY cheerleader types and many mentions of wild conspiracy theories. You know, just like the ones about the [now exposed and confirmed] hidden listings and rolling blackouts. No official word from ebaY anywhere to be found.

Recently ebay removed the policy compliance feature from the sellers’ dashboard tools, almost as if by magic. Or perhaps clairvoyance? In addition, it seems there may be no appeals process for this issue, so affected sellers will have to call them as many times and as often as need be for whatever information they may seek.

There’s barely been enough time to stop… (more…)

... meanwhile, in a different part of the forest... watch?v=I87v4Oc0PE8 LoLz! chopped_240

Does any of this have a familiar ring to it?






Markers for Stage 4

  • A series of silver bullets: There is a tendency to make dramatic, big moves, such as a “game changing” acquisition or a discontinuous leap into a new strategy or an exciting innovation, in an attempt to quickly catalyze a breakthrough – and then to do it again and again, lurching about from program to program, goal to goal, strategy to strategy, in a pattern of chronic inconsistency.
  • Grasping for a leader-as-saviour: The board responds to threats and setbacks by searching for a charismatic leader and/or outside saviour.
  • Panic and haste: Instead of being calm, deliberate, and disciplined, people exhibit hasty, reactive behaviour, bordering on panic.
  • Radical change and “revolution” with fanfare: The language of “revolution” and “radical” change characterizes the new era: New programs! New cultures! New strategies! Leaders engage in hoopla, spending a lot of energy trying to align and “motivate” people, engaging in buzzwords and taglines
  • Hype precedes results: Instead of setting expectations low – underscoring the duration and difficulty of the turnaround – leaders hype their visions; They “sell the future” to compensate for the lack of current results, initiating a pattern of over-promising and under-delivering.  Initial upswing followed by disappointments: There is an initial burst of positive results, but they do not last; dashed hope follows dashed hope;  The organization achieves no build-up, no cumulative momentum.


From, an article (and issue) which is already starting to show repercussions.
'Off with his/her/their/your head!'  the Red Queen said.

15,000 eBay sellers lost their listing privileges today when eBay instituted a new policy regarding minimum performance standards. According to an email sent from eBay Customer Help to sellers who were experiencing difficulty listing items, eBay has “applied more severe actions (selling blocks and limits) to more sellers than ever in the past. We have moved the worst 15,000 sellers to Seg D (selling block) Issue 181.”

This is the much skewed DSR rating system in action.

According to the principles of ebaY mathematics, this would be a great way to recruit 150 thousand new sellers, since for every seller who leaves, 10 more are ready to take their place.