Going over the ebay Cassini search architect Hugh Williams departure from ebay, and posts I had linked to there, I noticed the very first known utterance of the term Cassini, [within the context of ebaY search engine technology] for whatever reason, seems to have vanished from the interwebz. Although you can find mentions of their Press Release all over, the complete original text seems nowhere to be found, much like any cached or archived pages.

Here, from the  Cappnonymous Archives, we have the full text and a screencaptured image… (more…)

Our good friend George Zimmerman has captured the nation’s attention again. This time with a so-called original painting listed on ebay. The bid stands now at $99,966.00.

But is there more to it? Is it really original? Search the image down at google reverse image search and/or tineye.com.

The LoLzStorm never stops!Greeting Readers.

Welcome to todays’ ebay related monkey_facepalm moment.

eBay CEO John Donahoe with his much expected rebuttal to the Amazon Prime Air Octocopter drone delivery 60 Minutes piece.

EBay’s Donahoe Calls Product Delivery by Drones a Fantasy

We’re not really focusing on long-term fantasies,” Donahoe said in an interview with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television when she asked if he would be showing her a drone. “We’re working on things that will change consumers’ experiences today.” [more buzzword laden blabber follows at link]

B-b-but what about… (more…)

[facepalm; uncontrollable laughter]

Discover the New Ebay Dei imago

Jesus' Toenails Petrified eBay Discover the New ebaY!

Unfortunately it seems ebay has already pulled (more…)

I don't always drink wine, but when I do, I prefer douchebayLooks like ebaY has been called out again, this time over counterfeit wine labels. The problem apparently has claimed many victims, and the hobby is not inexpensive. Good thing there is a quick and convenient place to find literally thousands of labels to manufacture fake vintage wines with. Crates and bottles are a good bet too.

It’s a tad outside of my expertise or interest I must admit.

Naturally ebaY had a big, fluffly, puffy, so-called defense, PR response… wait for it… (more…)

sleazebay: Term commonly used in reference to online auction giant, ebaY. Popular and arguably accurate corruption of the name ebaY. Coined by Forbes; submitted to urbandictionary_com by yours truly. ;pAt EcommerceBytes blog, it appears that once again, ebaY is resorting to sleaze tactics in attempt to control the message.

An individual going under the name of birdieman chimes in with this:



Really? Hold on thar, Babba-Louie.

The first article I saw (and tweeted) about this did not include a screenshot. The reported error didn’t seem too unusual, [ei: no mention of occupation] as similar things have happened before. (Except that before they overcharged Billions.)

However, now looking at…  (more…)