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In case ebaY’s alleged little glitch (and the aftermath thereof) earlier this spring didn’t convince you ebaY has the ability to, and/or are actively hiding your listings, causing Rolling Blackouts, or by any name, (such as throttling) selectively giving you no visibility, have a look here.

Test Item do not Bid or Buy Hide Listing from Search I eBay Test - Click to enlarge in new tab or window

That’s not the only revealing test listing we find … (more…)

I believe readers here may like to watch this.


If you don’t have time to watch it all at once, you can search youtube for smaller segments or use some downloading extension or what have you. Lots of people like DownThemAll for Firefox.

Can you spot any comparisons/similarities  between Enron and any certain or sundry present day corporations?

With all the creepy face-eating zombie cannibal stories in the news recently, I can’t help but wonder if that’s not what ebay’s trouble is?

Just a few quick trips to ebay-centric places including the ebay community forums, you’ll see that ebay is just completely eaten alive with mystery glitches and site failures, such as broken search engines, rolling blackouts, deadbeats, and payment completion issues. LoL.

Don’t wait until they eat your brains or chew your face off. Close your accounts today, then just sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

It’s a very dynamite show. ;p

Uploaded December 19, 2010 by yours truly

Searching ebaY for wikileaks items I discovered some peculiarities with the number of results shown Vs the number of actual listings.

This hearkens back to the massive “padded listings” scandal of 2008, when ebaY got caught padding their listing counts during a Boycott, then went further by issuing several falsehoods and censoring their forums, then lying about that too.

Look here for the playlist which documented those events:

Pertinent/supporting links are there in the video descriptions along with a lot of comments from eyewitnesses.

There is also a very comprehensive report on those events here.  :)

This may also indicate/exemplify the “rolling blackouts”

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