Demonstration of ebaY’s deceptive shipping fees and/or Global Shipping Program practices.

Published on Nov 20, 2013

In this video you can see how eBay makes their own shipping prices after the seller revises the shipping cost, leaving the seller paying for the difference. How many sellers are actually aware of this issue.


People can file complaints to the FTC if they feel they’re being cheated. You can also start a big ruckus on social media sites, a proven tactic to get ebaY’s attention in order to bring about rightful change. (when done well)

Updated: see comments

In case ebaY’s alleged little glitch (and the aftermath thereof) earlier this spring didn’t convince you ebaY has the ability to, and/or are actively hiding your listings, causing Rolling Blackouts, or by any name, (such as throttling) selectively giving you no visibility, have a look here.

Test Item do not Bid or Buy Hide Listing from Search I eBay Test - Click to enlarge in new tab or window

That’s not the only revealing test listing we find … (more…)

Before you watch this epic example of why never to use ebaY or Paypal,  understand that ebaY & Paypal are swarming with fake, hacked & stealth accounts, black markets, tutorials, etc. Eaten alive with fraud. Feedback, longevity, etc are all meaningless in such an environment. Ebay/Paypal policies permit, indeed encourage and profit from this type of thing.  This type of thing can happen to you. Does that seem like a safe place for selling, buying, nor even surfing?

Make sure you read the uploader’s description.