Going over the ebay Cassini search architect Hugh Williams departure from ebay, and posts I had linked to there, I noticed the very first known utterance of the term Cassini, [within the context of ebaY search engine technology] for whatever reason, seems to have vanished from the interwebz. Although you can find mentions of their Press Release all over, the complete original text seems nowhere to be found, much like any cached or archived pages.

Here, from the  Cappnonymous Archives, we have the full text and a screencaptured image… (more…)

Vice President of Buyer Experience, Search, and Platforms/ Chief Architect of Cassini Search Engine Hugh Williams has slipped the surly bonds of eBay to touch the face of  Bob.


I had a great time at eBay, and I decided to leave after the release of 3.0 and Cassini. …[snipped maudlin portion] …  I have nothing to say yet about what I am doing next. I am taking time off with my family for now, and enjoying some downtime.”

Comedic Mass Ejections (more…)

David Ortiz Authentic 2013 Championship Beard Ball_70_bids_eBay_21112013This article about the David Ortiz Authentic 2013 Championship Beard Ball charity listing caught our attention.



(Thumbnails open for larger view  in new tab or window)

At the moment, bidding looks brisk, showing 70, the high bid standing at $1181.00

However, when attempting to search for the item… (more…)

Another small step for sleazebay, a giant sharp stick in the eyes for ebaY membersUpdated: see below

Following closely on the heels of removing a key feedback/visibility feature, ebaY has now killed off the ability to search by bidder, for both active and completed listings.

Here’s the current advanced search page at ebay, (sans bidder search link) and the preserved page from 09-11-2013 at the Internet Archives Wayback Machine.

This feature has had many uses, (and derivative effects) for buyers and sellers alike. One example would be that you could search another users bids and drastically reduce your own search time and effort by using their searches.

It also could (make that used to) help to foster competition between bidders who both (or all) collected the same types of items.

Another, for sellers, is that you could see if a buyer was (more…)

Updated: see comments

In case ebaY’s alleged little glitch (and the aftermath thereof) earlier this spring didn’t convince you ebaY has the ability to, and/or are actively hiding your listings, causing Rolling Blackouts, or by any name, (such as throttling) selectively giving you no visibility, have a look here.

Test Item do not Bid or Buy Hide Listing from Search I eBay Test - Click to enlarge in new tab or window

That’s not the only revealing test listing we find … (more…)

More space based comedy from ebaY! This time  with much more gravity than the recent, ridiculous Paypal Galactic space payments PR stunt.

The long ongoing ebaY Cassini search engine project situation takes another strange twist… Now it’s Hugh Williams’ turn to open up.

ebaY Cassini: To boldly troll... where no man has ever trolled before - This weeks episode - The Search for Wallet Share; part XIII 'The Failure on the Edge of Forever'

In Part One of an interview with Ina Steiner of ecomercebytes, we don’t learn too much, if anything at all from Hugh Williams, ebaY’s Vice President of Experience, Search and Platforms. We do see some great song and dance moves. I’m still deducting points off that act for strange beat, no rhythm (or rhyme).

Ms Steiner attempts to pin him down on very important aspects/issues.  The responses are generic,  yet loaded with glittering space dust, buzzwords and phrases as usual.

We do find a couple interesting statements however:



Well you could almost knock me over with a feather. After all sorts of lies and secrets, going back literally years now, ebaY finally reveals they launched their joke of a search engine, Cassini.

One of the most interesting aspects is…  (more…)