ebaY_bucks_butcheredIn yet another sure sign of decline, ebaY has suddenly made a prominent change to it’s ebaY Bucks incentives program.

Beginning January 1st, 2014, members will no longer receive the incentives if the value is less than $5.00.


jun18qs_eBay_seller_list_2752_completed_listings - The ebaY Deals 'Early Holiday Savings' sidebar ad makes for a nice comic touch.Updated: see below

It seems we’re looking at the fallout of another doozy of a ripoff  underway on the good ol’ Garbage Barge known as sleazebaY, in what perfectly fits the classic profile of the so-called sleeper cell scammers, or the snatch & run scam.

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Briefly, fraudsters exploit ebay’s pitiful policies and sloppy software by signing up multiple accounts, gaming feedback so as to cultivate an appearance of legitimacy/trustworthiness, (both to shoppers and paypal/ebay mystical, maybe mythical software)  mostly with private auctions. Then at some point they spring the trap; list large amounts of items, collect funds, take the money and run. Leaving hundreds, or even thousands of victims in the wake.

You can see the seller is based… (more…)

How you ask? Simple. It’s stolen.

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ebay reinvents it's self as the world leader for Call Girl and Escort Service spam ads. Elephant in the social media boiler roomThis situation has been ongoing for a long time now, and thus deserves another look. It got very limited attention when ecommercebytes did a blurb about. It did not even get it’s own headline. As with other ebaY issues, it has reached the level of the truly absurd.


Does ebaY look like a good place to buy, sell, shop, browse, or even surf?

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Published on Mar 11, 2013

This is not for the faint of heart

The perpetrator's pals and business buddies

Another stunning example of why to never, ever use ebay and paypal!

A Boise, Idaho man has been caught and arrested for scamming on ebaY, using 400, that’s right,  400 fake Paypal accounts!


Does ebay really seem like a good place to shop or sell?

Published on Mar 11, 2013

foul language warning

Update: 03-14-2013

Negative feedback ebay etc_screencap460

Awww… The video was pulled… In case you missed it, I’ll recapp: The profanity laced rant/commentary, by an enraged individual, whom received negative feedback due to his admitted failure to provide tracking info or shipping confirmation,  peaks around 50 seconds into the 1:01 length video, when the video blogger/ebay seller,  self described as having a “Grade A personality”, states:

…To have some jackass do this to me, makes me want to come whoop your Mother F*ing ass! You hear what I’m sayin’?…

Now one thing which makes this a big issue, and one which should not be overlooked, is that there is an entire sleazy industry centered around fake and stealth accounts/ fake ID’s for ebay and paypal. In keeping with the surreal atmosphere surrounding ebay & paypal, we can say they’ve been popping up like mushrooms on the Mad Hatter’s lawn.

Fact is, anyone can sign up on ebay and have your name address and phone number lickety split, without having to reveal their own real name, address etc.

Paypal states they do not guarantee the identity of your trading partner. (and how could they?) Ebay’s limitations of liabilities clause absolves them of most any responsibility should anything bad happen. You have no idea who, or where the person on the other end really is. Neither does ebay or paypal. What’s worse, they don’t care.

So the very real possibility exists that buying and/or selling on ebay could make you a victim of violent crime, and/or all sorts of stalking and personal info dumping (doxing) etc. There are constant  reports of threats of physical violence and death due to ebay usage.

Is that really an environment you want to involve yourself with?

Stay tuned, we’re going to highlight another extra sleazy side industry spawned from  ebay’s faulty and ill enforced policies that will knock your socks off!