Dissecting the Final Days of the Free Internet

December 11, 2010

Amazon Take Down of Wikileaks:
Is the Free Internet Dead?
Amazon provides a service where people can use essentially virtual storage, which helps serve their site and deal with large-scale Web traffic. Apparently, about a week and a half, two weeks ago, Senator Joe Lieberman of the Senate Home [Homeland] Security Committee phoned–or he did or had someone phone Amazon and leaned on them, and Amazon decided to take WikiLeaks down. That led to PayPal taking WikiLeaks down.
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This wikileaks situation is moving very fast and spiraling out of control.

There is everything from calls for assassination to mentions of arrest warrants and negotiated surrender/interviews by Police in the UK for Mr. Assange.

Internet group Anonymous has joined the cause,  launching Ddos attacks on paypal blog in retaliation for the closure of the wikileaks donations account. Also upon the Swiss Bank, Post Finance website which froze wikileaks funds. There appears to have been some counter-Ddos attacks on the AnonOps site also.

There are widespread calls for Boycotts of PayPal, ebaY and Amazon as well.

Of course, some of these issues are somewhat small compared to the big picture: The contents of the cables; and gawd only knows what results that info leaking may produce… Not to mention the free speech issues at stake.

We are looking at history in the making. This is war. Infowar

This video which I found seems telling despite the uploaders sarcasm.

(upload date 12-06-2010)

“I believe the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world, can hold their own governments accountable, they can begin to think for themselves. I can tell you that in the United States, the fact that we have free internet — or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength, and I think should be encouraged.”

He went on to add (not), “That’s why I defend Wikileaks‘ right to publish documents which my government wants to keep secret so it can avoid being held accountable for all the lies and corruption.”