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Holy Cow! It seems ebaY has either heard the uproar from their community over the recent change to feedback profiles’  (more…)


It seems that the one year or less old “Feed” from ebaY has been absorbed into The New eBay – Follow It. Find It. Make It Yours? The main page has also undergone a facelift. There are many other changes coming. Too many to touch on all of them in one single post.

The very genre of the site is going to be changing, imo. Into a copycat. Some of the less appreciated changes have already begun. Certain visibility/transparency features are being / have been deprecated, such as advanced bidder search, and view completed item details links on feedback pages.

Starting around September or October last year, we began seeing … (more…)

Another small step for sleazebay, a giant sharp stick in the eyes for ebaY membersUpdated: see below

Following closely on the heels of removing a key feedback/visibility feature, ebaY has now killed off the ability to search by bidder, for both active and completed listings.

Here’s the current advanced search page at ebay, (sans bidder search link) and the preserved page from 09-11-2013 at the Internet Archives Wayback Machine.

This feature has had many uses, (and derivative effects) for buyers and sellers alike. One example would be that you could search another users bids and drastically reduce your own search time and effort by using their searches.

It also could (make that used to) help to foster competition between bidders who both (or all) collected the same types of items.

Another, for sellers, is that you could see if a buyer was (more…)

Updated: see comments

In case ebaY’s alleged little glitch (and the aftermath thereof) earlier this spring didn’t convince you ebaY has the ability to, and/or are actively hiding your listings, causing Rolling Blackouts, or by any name, (such as throttling) selectively giving you no visibility, have a look here.

Test Item do not Bid or Buy Hide Listing from Search I eBay Test - Click to enlarge in new tab or window

That’s not the only revealing test listing we find … (more…)