A very curious message has appeared at the top of the page at Paypal MicroPayments website:

Paypal Micropayments Announcement

Important notice: this application will be removed from service starting May 1, 2013.  The servers will be shut down after June 1st, 2012.  If you have any questions, please contact PayPal Labs.

I’ve checked around to other spots such as ebay’s announcement board, the PayPal Blog, Twitter, news search etc and find no mention of this. I was also unable to find any cached version of the page from before 04-12-2013, when/where it showed the bulletin.

What makes it even more mysterious though is that… messages relating to the subject are being deleted from ebay forums. More than one. Is it just me or does that seem very peculiar, perhaps even suspicious? Click thumbnails for a larger view in new tab or window.

Paypal Micropayments Account_ deleted-censored_20130414_640

It’s probably much too early to tell what the situation is but as recent events have shown, Paypal seems to be having some issues and any meaningful explanations have not been forthcoming.

I’m wondering if these events are somehow related, and how many similarities they may share with regards to any statements we may see from PayPal’s spokespeople and/or PR dept?

Here’s a thought; people may want to use twitter to @askpaypal and we shall see if they wish to answer there?  This would seem to be something that will affect a great number of users and their business plans. I feel they deserve an explanation in plain English.

Is Paypal ending Micropayments_deleted-censored_topic


I’ve done a little more digging at places like the eBay Seller Information Center, where I find zero search results for micropayments, as well the entire ebay announcement site, where the last mention found was 2008. You would think something about this would or should be there, don’t you? It looks like the 2013 Spring Seller Update was released around March 19 – 20.

I located the page without that banner containing the announcement at the Internet Archives Wayback machine on March 2, 2013.

I found the page with the banner as far back as April 7, 2013, here on Blekko’s cache. I’ve enhanced that image slightly to make it more legible.

blekko_cache_viewer_April_7_2013_micropayments_paypal-labs_com_20130414_640ce Internet_Archives_MicroPayments_March_2_2013