The ebaY laughs just keep coming!

I’m not really sure who they’re trying to reach? The general public? Other employees? And why don’t any of them have 4 colored hair?

Recently, in a seller recruitment effort, ebaY wanted it’s sellers to sell out their friends’ personal confidential info for a hefty sum of $10 per referral. How much do you think ebaY gave it’s employees for appearing  in the video?

Can’t they just beam some new sellers down from Planet Remulac or somewhere now that Paypal Intergalactic opened up?



Published on Jul 8, 2013

eBay staffers discuss their favorite selling experiences, as well as tips and advice for new sellers. Meet some of our very own staff that sell on eBay – and love it. Start selling today at

But the real highlight is when you see… Erez Yereslove who was recently found to have been selling numerous identical 10 cent trinkets with free local pickup, and failed to disclose his status as an ebaY employee in his listings appear.  (both conditions afoul of the rules) ebaY needs more sellers and staffers like that, and by golly, I betcha they get some.

I notice the ebaY staffers aren’t mentioning anything about ebaY’s offshore customer service, Paypal money holds, glitches, account freezings, verifications, limitations, linking, etc. Indeed, not a single peep about the complex and hoky User Agreement, (neither ebay’s nor Paypal’s), or any risks, caveats whatsoever.

If selling on ebaY is so great, how many of their staffers would be willing to go 90 days solely on what they made on ebaY alone? How about 1 full year?