The perpetrator's pals and business buddies

Another stunning example of why to never, ever use ebay and paypal!

A Boise, Idaho man has been caught and arrested for scamming on ebaY, using 400, that’s right,  400 fake Paypal accounts!

How can you trust any site and/or payment service that will allow someone to sign up 400 fake accounts? Do you consider that to be safe? Why take the chance when there are so  many other places to buy things that don’t have these issues?

And what of the pompous and hyped up claims of trustworthiness continually spewing from ebay-pal’s blabbering PR machine? Do you really believe that stuff? How can you?

A Boise man was arrested on grand theft and computer crimes charges after police said he set up a profitable scam using internet sales and PayPal.

David Edward Grindle, 41, allegedly posted electronics for sale on eBay. Buyers sent payment through the online PayPal system, but Grindle never shipped the goods, police said.

Grindle used more than 400 PayPal accounts and a variety of aliases, police said. He is also suspected of opening more than 400 bank accounts to deposit the funds into.

Article continues with mugshot etc.

This is just another incident, albeit quite revealing, but there is a nonstop stream of this sort of thing. Read more at the frequently updated CAPP forum thread topic EBAY LOVES, PROFITS FROM, AND SUPPORTS CRIME WORLDWIDE, or peruse this blog. There have been many other crimes including multimillion dollar crime rings, persons caught using hundreds and hundreds of fake aka stealth ebay/paypal accounts and/or ID’s… and on and on…

Ebay just killed off 15,000 of it’s sellers, for “performance issues”. Yet this person apparently wasn’t on that list. What does that tell you?

Paypal will seize your funds if you happen to use the name of some far-off foreign country in a book title, but they leave the fake account issues to run wild.

There are so many places to buy fake paypal accounts now we can’t keep track of them all. They are popping up like mushrooms on the Mad Hatter’s lawn. How can you possibly trust that outfit?