The LoLzStorm never stops!Greeting Readers.

Welcome to todays’ ebay related monkey_facepalm moment.

eBay CEO John Donahoe with his much expected rebuttal to the Amazon Prime Air Octocopter drone delivery 60 Minutes piece.

EBay’s Donahoe Calls Product Delivery by Drones a Fantasy

We’re not really focusing on long-term fantasies,” Donahoe said in an interview with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television when she asked if he would be showing her a drone. “We’re working on things that will change consumers’ experiences today.” [more buzzword laden blabber follows at link]

B-b-but what about… (more…)

The LoLzStorm never stops!

Noted Thought Leader and ebaY CEO John Donahoe delights the interwebs with an article which promises to be a classic.

Spoken/written like a true Zen master. [not]

The I-mind I-thinks I-thoughts about I-things.

What sort of leader do you have there?

PS: …


Wow! auctionbytes/ecommercebytes posting shows a very stunning quote by John Donahoe regarding how items are presented via the controversial search and finding project Cassini, which has been bamboozling shareholders and disappointing users since October 2010.   (edit <—link deprecated, see here)

…   Donahoe said eBay was testing how it exposes listings in search results. “We’re testing a new user to eBay that’s never been to eBay should when they show up we only show them fixed price, brand new items from top-rated sellers. It’s a more familiar commerce experience and then as they learn eBay they get the wider experience,…”

That’s just the beginning… click through and read it and the article they link to fully. Oh my!

If someone were looking for a way to drive their Mom/Pop, and casual auction sellers (and buyers) away, I think they found it.

It smells awful funny, (like other recent ebaY-centric events) but may prove to be highly entertaining.  ;p

Oh my! I haven’t been around too much lately so this is the first I’ve seen of this:

FORTUNE — “I’d like to take you on a journey.” A group of 2,500 eBay employees is assembled at the San Jose Civic, a concert venue a few miles from company headquarters. Their boss, CEO John Donahoe, is onstage, asking them to reflect on their work. “Close your eyes,” he urges in a deep baritone. “What is the thing you are most proud of that your team has accomplished this year?”

Donahoe then begins to ruminate on his eight years at eBay (EBAY), five of them as CEO. He’s delivered a variation of this speech to employees in Ireland, Germany, and other eBay locations in the U.S., yet on this December morning Donahoe still sounds raw, almost confessional, as he recounts his moments of self-doubt — such as the night in June 2008, before he was due to appear at a sellers event in Chicago. It was months after he had announced sweeping changes to eBay’s fee structure, and sellers were irate. One went so far as to create a YouTube video comparing Donahoe to a Nazi guard in Schindler’s List. (Seriously.) Donahoe recalls, “I remember sitting in a hotel room that night and thinking, Is this worth it?”

Here’s the video which commemorates that event, from yours truly, if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s more true today than it ever was. ;p


The article above continues on… more pap and BS from sleazebay.

What do you think? Is ebaY ‘back’, or is it actually worse than ever before?