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Why just get pwned once, when you can get pwned over and over and over? rotflmao!

In an article at, another former Meg housekeeper comes forward to say she believes  Nicky.

The lady worked for Meg in 1998, and does not appear to have had a pleasant time, nor any kind words for Meg and Griff Harsh.

“I totally believe Diaz”, Armstrong, 59, of Mountain View, said in an interview with The Chronicle. “I know the family. I know what it was like.”

But she described Whitman as “cheap” and said she was surprised when her boss at first balked at paying the agreed salary – arguing that Armstrong didn’t “deserve” it because she wasn’t yet working full-time as a nanny.

It appears that there were issues with getting paid and having proper tax forms issued too? Imagine that?

No word on whether Meg is going to blame Jerry Brown for this one too.

read the rest and those comment there.

Billionaire Anti-Migrant Hypocrite Republican Meg Whitman Lies About Hiring Undocumented Worker

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Pay attention to the mention of “sanity test” at about 4:15 to 5:00.

Maybe it’s just me, but Meg asking her opponent to take a polygraph because she volunteered to take one first seems beyond crazy! I mean of course besides the obvious. LOL!

Just remember Meg Whitman literally has million$ and million$ of reason$ to lie, and a clear history and pattern of behavior of corruption, lies, cover-up and denial.

This seems to be from 2007. Very revealing. Note that all the troubles Meg speaks about are worse than ever now.

I think what strikes me most, other than the amount of lies, failure and hypocrisy now readily apparent,  is Meg’s appearance.  She is looking very run down these days.

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September 30, 2010

eBay CEO Meg Whitman talks about seller issues, including customer service issues,
multi-channel selling, and eBay’s recent Trust & Safety initiatives. Whitman discusses the Summer Relief promotion that lowers Final Value Fees and indicates it’s something eBay may possibly make permanent. June 2007

Moving on, the Meg Vs the Maid scandal is heating up, with atty Gloria Allred producing a ‘smoking gun” in the form of a 2003 letter from the Social Security administration, which Meg’s husband Griff Harsh has allegedly annotated, instructing the housekeeper to “please check this, Thanks”

Unfortunately the video, entitled “Lawyer:Meg Whitman is a Liar” has embedding disabled, please go watch it though.

Here is a article which details everything pretty well.

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